December 11, 2011

In my head, the idea for the first episode, The National Anthem, was a cross between when Gordon Brown had to go and apologise to Gillian Duffy and I’m A Celebrity, in an odd way. That was effectively the starting point. With Gordon Brown we saw it was like “Go and say sorry, you fucker, because we caught you out.” Essentially, it was like a prank had been played and he now had to go and apologise for speaking his mind in private. An odd spectacle.

Something else that was in my head, kinda, was the year of the London Mayoral Elections and Brian Paddick was up as the Lib Dem candidate. One month he’s on Newsnight alongside Boris Johnson and Ken Livingston. He doesn’t win and then, a few months later, he’s in the jungle, standing alongside Timmy Mallet, trying to drink a pint of liquidised kangaroo penis.

Then, earlier this year, he was back on the news, commenting on the phone hacking thing. You kind of forget that happened, you sort of erase it from your memory. I remember when George Galloway got down on all fours and pretended to be a cat. I thought “This has ruined him” and it kind of didn’t. I remember listening to his radio show and he was using Top Cat as a piece of jingle music so he was sort of revelling in it. It’s impossible to really shame yourself in modern society, I guess.


— Charlie Brooker (via live-for-last-years-capers)

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